Online sports betting

Online sports betting

Thanks to online casinos, we can now not only play classic board and card games, but online sports betting is also available. They mostly operate on the same page, but it also happens that they dedicate a completely separate website to online bookmakers. In our list of the best online casino sites, you can choose from carefully selected, reliable sites with really favorable bonuses.

In the context of online sports betting, it is usually possible to bet on the result of a sporting event or on a precisely defined, quantifiable partial result of the game. The betting options are very diverse. The result can be that there will be no draw in a Football match, but also who runs the fastest lap of the track in the next F1 race.

The odds are so-called by online bookmakers. determined using odds, which essentially show how likely they think the given event is to occur. That is why they are often called odds numbers. The odds also tell you how many times your deposit you will receive if you win the bet on the given sports event, and this refers to another common name, namely the word “multiplier”.

Let’s look at a really simple example of all this! Let’s say you bet on Max Verstappen to win the next Formula 1 Grand Prix. Your bet should be, say, 30 euros. According to the reliable online sports betting site you use, the odds of this victory are 4.5, which means that if you win, 4.5 times your money will be credited to your account, i.e. 135 euros for 30 euros!

Online sports betting… is it free now? Yes, it’s free!

Online sports betting

Regarding online sports betting and gambling, the relevant rules of the European Union apply to our country. However, they prefer free markets and the free flow of online services, so online sports betting, as well as visiting related online bookmakers and bookmakers, are completely legal for us, Hungarians, in addition to online casinos. Moreover, you can not only visit, but also play!

Odds, multiplier, chance number: conversion between different formats

The odds (multiplier, chance number) are often given with a number, e.g. 3.5 (this is decimal format by the way). However, this can be converted to a percentage format, which shows the specific chance. The conversion is very simple; 1 must be divided by 3.5 and then multiplied by a hundred, so: (1/3.5)*100=28.57%.

In addition, two more formats have spread:

Online sports betting

Functional (fractional) odds: If the odds can be given as a fraction (e.g. 2.5 is equal to 3/2), then you may see the chance this way, i.e. as a quotient of two whole numbers. This is mostly typical of British bookmakers.

American-style odds: In America, the odds are given specifically so that they are focused on money, you don’t have to constantly calculate, and the value can be easily and immediately exchanged for money. The American odds essentially show how much the profit will be for a bet of 100 units. If e.g. It is given as 200, which means that for a deposit of 100, we get 300 back (a profit of 200), so the odds in decimal format are 3. The matter becomes even more interesting from the fact that a negative number can also appear in the American odds format , e.g. -250. Negative odds means how much we have to bet to have a profit of 100 units. This can also be converted to decimal odds as follows: (100/250) + 1 = 1.4.

If this all seems too complicated now and you are simply looking for a good converter app, then visit our online odds converter page.

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