Intro in E-sports betting

E-sports betting

Esports betting options are becoming more and more popular within online sports betting. Esports is actually very similar to traditional sports, here too players and teams fight each other for victory, or for first place during a specific esports event. The only essential difference is that the location and platform of the competition here is a video game that can be accessed on a computer or game console.

By the way, there are many esports games that simulate real sports (e.g. FIFA, F1), but the most important ones and those with the largest camps are not sports games (e.g. CS:GO, DOTA2). By the way, esports is extremely active not only abroad, but also in Hungary: for example, there is a large-scale esports event in Hungary, the V4 Future Sport Festival, which has been organized regularly in Budapest for years, with huge interest.

By the way, the more popular esports events are broadcast in exactly the same way as, say, a tennis match, although this is mostly done online, using some well-known video platform (e.g. YouTube, Twitch, maybe Facebook). The number of spectators is therefore a given, and of course there is also a commentator who continuously broadcasts the visitors and comments on the happenings of the current e-sports event.

I want to bet on esports, isn’t it complicated?

E-sports betting

No, not at all! In terms of betting options and betting strategies, esports betting is very similar to “classic” online sports betting. Of course, in order to be effective in the field of esports betting, you need to know the sport itself, the participants, and of course the “esports fields”, which here mean knowledge of a specific game. For this, it is worth watching and regularly following many broadcasts of esports competitions.

Is there any difference between esports betting and traditional sports betting?

E-sports betting

Basically there is none! Of course, it happens that special betting types are available due to the nature of the given esports game, but e.g. you can bet on an online esports FIFA match in much the same way and with the same betting options as, say, a traditional EC match. Where there is a difference is rather the rule system: online bookmakers e.g. different maximum payout limits are set for esports and classic sports betting.

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