Top 5 books about poker

books about poker

We hope you can choose one or more of the above books! It is worth immersing in them, as they contain backstage secrets that an ordinary card player can only learn from pros.

1. Poker – The Successful Player’s Kiska

This book is the first to present the five most popular versions of Poker for beginners and advanced ones, the techniques that can be used to win in any poker game. We can learn which pages need to be kept and threw in, how to calculate the odds, when to play draws and when to avoid them. And, of course, how we recognize and fooled our opponents, of course, with a poker face.

2. The Secrets of Poker

books about poker

Body language, psychology, telling signs, bluffs, traps – does it sound exciting? The author, Mike Caro, is a really great poker player and an observer who organizes his many years of poker experience in an excellent, readable form. We recommend your book to those who want to play a poker in the profession.

3. The little blue book of poker

Phil Gordon, a world -class poker player and teacher in this book, shared the enormous knowledge he had collected in his successful career in the form of strategic guidance and advice. Poker’s little blue book presents some of Phil’s memorable distributions – successful and “I wish I could forget” types; Through these, how to apply theories to make good and confident decisions under the utmost pressure. We can find out what’s going on in each situation for a professional player, whether it’s a well -timed bluff or a questioning in question. By analyzing the parties, it highlights key poker skills such as calculating chances, recognizing few participants or telling signs. The little blue book of poker is wise and witty, full of real professional secrets.

4. The Philosophy of the Hold’em Poker

books about poker

“G. László Nagy’s book is for those who have tried the Hold’em poker several times and felt it on its depths. For them, this excellent book can even serve as a textbook, from which they can not learn accurate evaluation of probabilities, but a good attitude towards poker. And through that, even the right attitude towards life, ”writes László Mérő mathematician, professor of psychology, gaming developer, in the recommendation of the book. – “God, give me perseverance to change the change, patience, to accept what cannot be changed, and wisdom so that I can always distinguish between the two! What does the prayer words mean translated into the tongue of the Hold’em? Try to collect as many chips as possible with our strong hands, while wearing it with humility and discipline if your opponent is saved by the weaker hand! Always notice which parties we should not participate or get out of them! The most important truth of the Hold’em is that in the short term, the result does not matter. If we do our best and make the best decisions we can do, we cannot have a reason to remorse. If we live like this, we are doomed in the long run.

5. The theory of poker

There are many players who know the basics of the poker, but they also want to get to know the logic and theory of the game. They have written this book to learn how to think like a professional poker player. The book is about the general theories and principles of poker play, which can be used in almost all versions of poker. Sklansky analyzes all the aspects of poker games through examples from the Hold’em, the Fifth Draw, the Seven Lowball and the RAZZ games, from the structure of your starters to the last page.

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